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The WESER-SKYWALK - a fascinating challenge

Everything is possible. In the special steel construction, we meet extraordinary projects that stand out from the individual projects and require separate planning for example the contract for planning and constructing the WESER-SKYWALK on the Hannoversche Klippen (cliffs) near Würgassen. Throughout the history of our company we have planned, constructed and accompanied projects involving the construction of halls and installations for major customers throughout the world, and working with steel and stainless steel is part of our daily operations.

"However, because of its exceptional nature the construction of the WESER-SKYWALK on behalf of the District of Höxter was an especially interesting project for us. In view of the interest and major importance of the project for our region not only the management of BFI but the company's entire workforce were highly motivated and tackled the job with great commitment. The planning process in itself was highly demanding, as were the production and assembly operations. The WESER-SKYWALK had to be durable and robust, and have a load-bearing capacity of 500 kg/m. These were the technical specifications.

We integrated 23 tonnes of steel into the sandstone cliffs and developed powerful leg muscles because a lot of material had to be transported on foot up a steep path. But it was all really worth it! The WESER-SKYWALK was an interesting challenge for us. But we managed it, and we enjoyed the work!“

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